About Us
Accelera Yacht Limited is a rising star in the luxury yacht building industry. Each of our custom-built vessels is designed in exquisite detail for the most discerning customers and to deliver comfort, style and safety. Spanning over several years, our shipyard’s operational history has culminated in the creation of magnificent yachts that embody Craftsmanship, Innovation and Performance.

Complementing its Italian-inspired appearance, Accelera’s interiors are classically styled with elegance, comfort and a romantic ambience.

The moment you step aboard an Accelera, you are instantly aware of the innovative design and architectural planning that are translated into expansive living spaces as well as extravagant and ingenious features to provide a high-performance sailing experience. Everything, from the main deck’s dining area to the large bay-windows, open doorways, retractable canopies and home theatre systems, is well thought out to maximize passengers’ comfort and pleasure.

Accelera yachts are marked by a unique style, grandeur, elegance and can be custom-built to reflect the customers’ unique tastes and preferences.
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