Terms and conditions of privacy policy for free membership of Accelera Yacht are as follows:

1- Applicability of Privacy Protection Policy
Privacy protection policy includes our manner to handle identity and personal data collected through the use of services on website by users and our manner to handle any identity data obtained from our commercial partners for cooperation. Privacy protection policy is inapplicable to the company other than Accelera Yacht (the “Company”) and the personnel who is not employed or managed by the Company.

2- Collection of Data The purpose of data collection is to ensure user authentication on the website of Accelera Yacht (the “Website”) and for yacht charter and transaction purposes as follows: Your personal data will be requested including but not limited to your mobile phone number, ID card number, name, email address etc. when you use our products or services, browse our website, participate in our promotional activities or lucky draws or other offerings, subscribe our e-letters or use other services provided on the website. Accelera Yacht has the right to keep a record of the aforesaid data and related logs generated when you browse or visit our websites including IP address, time of access, browser, browse and click records.

3-Protection of Data Accelera Yacht will ensure your personal data properly stored in our data storage system with strict protection measures in place in avoidance of unauthorized access. Our staff have been provided with a complete range of data protection training and fully understand our prerequisite responsibility of data protection for users. In case of contravention of this policy, action will be taken against related persons according to laws or the company policy. For completion and safety of your personal data, our data processing system where your personal data is stored is properly maintained in strict compliance with requirements stipulated by the competent authority to protect your personal data from unauthorized access or damage. Should third party service be required for business need, the Company will strictly procure such third party to perform its privacy protection obligations by conducting necessary investigation to ensure performance of its obligations.

4-Use of Data
To provide you with more services or rewards, full explanation will be given to you for the events to be held by us jointly with our reliable business partners or vendors by which your personal data is requested. In this case, you have the right to decide whether to provide your personal data for such services or offerings.
The use of your personal data by the Company is for specified purpose only and to the extent permitted by law. Unless otherwise consented by you or permitted by other laws, your personal data will not be disclosed to any third party or used other than specified purpose of collection

5-Use of Web Links
Our website may contain web links to other websites. Clicking such web links may lead you to access to other websites. However, we have no responsibility to guarantee your privacy is under protection on those websites. Change of Personal Data
If you wish to change your personal data, you may make changes of your personal data on the website of Accelera Yacht with identity authentication.

Accelera Yacht has the right to make any amendment to the privacy protection policy from time to time in order to pursue privacy protection for users. Amended terms will be published on the website of Accelera Yacht.

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